Here is the list of wstETH integrations across Arbitrum and Optimism, including AMM/DEXs, Options and Lending/CDP markets.

Before getting started, make sure to bridge your assets to the Arbitrum or Optimism networks. To do so, follow the guides below:


  1. AMM/DEX

    1. Balancer

    2. Curve

    3. Kyber Network

    4. Camelot (to launch)

    5. Mycelium (to launch)

  2. Options

    1. Premia

    2. Dopex (to launch)

  3. Lending/CDP

    1. Radiant (to launch)


  1. AMM/DEX

    1. Beethoven

    2. Curve

    3. Kyber Network

    4. Velodrome

    5. Perpetual (to launch)

  2. Lending/CDP

    1. Granary (to launch)

    2. QiDao (to launch)

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