Bridging wstETH To Optimism

Bridge your staked ETH to Optimism

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Note: To bridge wstETH to Optimism, you will also need ETH on Optimism in order to pay gas. Transfer ETH to Optimism using the guide below.

  1. Visit the Optimism Bridge to begin the bridging process.

  2. Select wstETH from the list of Ethereum mainnet tokens and hit ‘Approve’ to allow Optimism to interact with your tokens. You will have to pay a small gas approval fee.

  3. Once the Approval transaction has confirmed, you will be able to deposit your wstETH onto Optimism. Select how much you want to deposit and hit ‘Deposit’.

  4. You will see a visual indicator of the transaction confirming, followed by a ‘Success’ message.

Congrats! You now have wstETH on Optimism.


Note: Currently, withdrawal is only available via Optimism’s native bridge. 3rd Party bridges will be updated in due course.

  1. Visit the Optimism Bridge and switch to the 'Withdraw' tab.

  2. Simply select the amount of wstETH you would like to send back to mainnet and hit ‘Switch to Optimism’.

  3. You will be prompted to add the Optimism netowork details to your wallet and prompted to switch to Optimism. Accept and confirm these prompts.

  4. Select how much you would like to send back to mainnet, hit ‘Withdraw’ and pay the selected gas fees.

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