Bridging wstETH To Arbitrum

Bridge your staked ETH for use on Arbitrum

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Note: To bridge wstETH to Arbitrum, you will also need ETH on Arbitrum in order to pay gas.

  1. Head over to Arbitrum Bridge and connect your wallet. Select wstETH from dropdown menu on the ‘From Mainnet’ tab. If you haven’t interacted with wstETH before you will need to import the contract address (0x7f39c581f595b53c5cb19bd0b3f8da6c935e2ca0) and hit ‘Add’.

  2. Now that wstETH is visible, select the amount you want to deposit to Arbitrum and click ‘Move funds to Arbitrum One’. You will be prompted to pay the necessary transactions on both L1 (Ethereum) and L2 (Arbitrum).

  3. The transaction is now in process and a visual confirmation gives estimated time remaining.

  4. Once your transaction confirms, you’ll see a success message followed by your wstETH balance updating on Arbitrum.

Congrats! Your wstETH is now available on Arbitrum!


Note: Currently, withdrawal is only available via Arbitrum’s native bridge. 3rd Party bridges will be updated in due course.

  1. Select the amount of wstETH to send to Mainnet and click ‘ Move funds to Mainnet’ and pay the gas fees for both L1 and L2. You may be prompted to switch networks by your wallet.

  2. Upon paying gas fees the transaction will process with an estimated wait shown in the UI.

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