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Bridging wstETH To Scroll

Bridge your staked ETH to Scroll for use across the Scroll DeFi ecosystem.

Updated over a week ago

wstETH is now live on Scroll!

Scroll is an EVM-equivalent rollup built on Ethereum that seamlessly extends Ethereum’s capabilities through zero knowledge technology.

Learn how to bridge your tokens to Scroll below.

Bridging wstETH to Scroll

The bridging process lets you transfer your staked ETH to Scroll in around 20 minutes.

Before you get started, make sure you are working with Lido's wrapped staked ETH (wstETH). To wrap your ETH or stETH to wstETH, visit

  1. Visit and connect your wallet. Make sure you are on the Deposit to Scroll tab.

  2. Initiate a deposit on Ethereum.

    1. Select wstETH in the token list and pick the amount to deposit.

    2. Approve the allowance on your wallet (approving only allowance for the amount you wish to deposit).

    3. Confirm the transaction by clicking Deposit funds.

    4. Once the transaction is confirmed, you can view the transaction details (e.g. status) in the Transaction History.

  3. If your wallet doesn’t auto detect your wstETH, you can manually import wstETH on Scroll using the contract address 0xf610A9dfB7C89644979b4A0f27063E9e7d7Cda32.

Once the deposit transaction status turns to Success, you can view your wstETH balance in your wallet.

Withdrawing wstETH from Scroll

  1. Visit, connect your wallet and click Withdraw to Ethereum. If you are not connected to Scroll, switch to Scroll first.

  2. Initiate a withdrawal on Scroll.

    1. Under the Step 1: Withdraw tab, select wstETH and the amount to withdraw.

    2. Click Withdrawing funds and press Confirm.

    3. Once confirmed, you will be able to view transaction details (e.g. status) under the Step 2: Claim tab.

  3. Claim funds on Ethereum. You have to claim your wstETH manually once your token is bridged. This takes up to 1 hour.

    1. To claim it, press Claim in your transaction part under the Step 2: Claim tab. This step requires ETH on Ethereum for gas fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wstETH?

wstETH (wrapped stETH) is a non-rebasing version of Lido's stETH where your balance remains constant and network rewards accrue in the form of increased wstETH price (unlike stETH, where your balance increases on a daily basis).

How do I get wstETH?

To get wstETH, you can wrap your stETH or ETH on

Are there any bridging fees when bridging to Scroll?

Network fees are required to pay for the gas costs on Ethereum and Scroll. There are no extra fees specifically for using Scroll native bridge.

How can I view my wstETH balance on Scroll in my wallet?

If the wallet doesn’t auto detect your wstETH, you can manually import wstETH on Scroll into your wallet using the contract address: 0xf610A9dfB7C89644979b4A0f27063E9e7d7Cda32.

How long does it take to bridge to Scroll?

Depositing to Scroll typically takes around 20 minutes. Withdrawing from Scroll to Ethereum takes up to 1 hour.

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