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How do Lido withdrawal NFTs work?
How do Lido withdrawal NFTs work?

Lido on Ethereum uses a novel NFT approach for withdrawals. This is how it works.

Updated over a week ago

When withdrawing ETH using Lido on Ethereum, an NFT representing the withdrawal request is minted for you when you send a request on the Request tab.

When the request is ready for the claim, the NFT will upgrade with the exact details of your specific stETH withdrawal. After you successfully claim your ETH, the NFT will be burnt.

Can I transfer or sell my withdrawal request NFT?

When you hold the NFT, you can redeem your ETH. The withdrawal request NFT is transferable. If you transfer or sell the NFT, you lose the ability to claim, while whoever holds it gains it.

We do not advise that you sell your withdrawal NFT below redemption/claim value ⚠️

Please note you will need to add the Lido NFT to your wallet to be able to monitor the request status.

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