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How do Lido on Ethereum withdrawals work?
How do Lido on Ethereum withdrawals work?

Lido offers a novel approach to withdrawing staked Ethereum.

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The Ethereum Shapella upgrade enables the end-to-end unstaking flow, after which the validators with an exited status can withdraw their principals and rewards.

As a staking protocol, Lido has designed a 2-step withdrawal process to support native unstaking. It all starts on

  1. Request withdrawal: Lock your stETH/wstETH by issuing a withdrawal request. ETH is sourced to fulfil the request, and then locked stETH is burned, which marks the withdrawal request as claimable.

  2. Claim: Claim your ETH after the withdrawal request has been processed.

Once claimed, you will have unstaked your stETH/wstETH and will now hold "regular" ETH. Please note that after unstaking, you will no longer be getting daily staking rewards on your ETH.

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