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How do I add the Lido NFT to MetaMask?
How do I add the Lido NFT to MetaMask?

To track the Lido withdrawal NFT on your MetaMask, follow the guide below.

Updated over a week ago

To track your Lido on Ethereum withdrawal request on your Ethereum wallet, you will need to add the NFT to your wallet.

MetaMask dApp

To track the Lido withdrawal NFT on the MetaMask dApp, follow the steps below:

  • Open the MetaMask Portfolio.

  • Sign in with your MetaMask address.

  • Press the 'NFTs' tab.

Voila - you can now track the Lido withdrawal NFT.

Browser Extension

If you have NFT Detection enabled on your MetaMask, the Lido withdrawal NFT should automatically be displayed under the NFT tab. To turn on automatic detection, go to Settings > Experimental and toggle on Autodetect NFTs.

To add the Lido withdrawal NFT to MetaMask manually, follow the steps below:

  1. Head to the NFT tab on your MetaMask wallet.

  2. Click Import NFTs and input Address and Token ID.

To find the specific NFT Address and Token ID, visit Etherscan, add your wallet and locate the NFT transaction. Once located, open the NFT transaction and copy the Address and Token ID. Paste these onto MetaMask to track the NFT in your wallet.

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