Swap to ETH Using Bebop

Skip the withdrawal queues with instant swaps using Bebop.

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stETH holders can unstake their stETH/wstETH using a number DeFi aggregators to skip the withdrawal queues and swap stETH to ETH in minutes. One of these DeFi aggregators is Bebop.

Bebop is a decentralised trading platform that offers trading with no slippage and network fees included in the quoted rate.

When trading via Bebop, users can trade exactly at the price they see once quoted. Also, there is no extra gas or transaction cost since all the fees are included in the quoted rate.

Unstaking stETH using Bebop

  1. Visit bebop.xyz/trade and make sure you select the Ethereum network.

  2. Select tokens. Select stETH as ‘Trade this’ and ETH as ‘to that’.

  3. Select the stETH amount to swap. Click ‘Details’ to see more info like Total receiving, which is the amount you will ultimately receive.

  4. Grant permissions. Click ‘Grant permissions’ to allow the contract to access a certain amount of stETH in your wallet if it is your first time to use Bebop or there is no permitted amount. You have to pay transaction fees for approval. After that, Click ‘Enable for free’ to sign an offchain message without gas cost to enable spending. For token permission management, check out Bebop help.

  5. Submit a trade request. Click “Place trade” and sign to enable trade using your wallet. This is a gas-free action.

  6. Once done, you will see ETH in your wallet.

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