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Swap to ETH using 1inch

Skip the withdrawal queues and swap to ETH in minutes using 1Inch.

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Ethereum stakers with Lido can unstake their stETH/wstETH using DeFi aggregators to skip the withdrawal queues and swap stETH to ETH in minutes.

1inch is one of the aggregators stakers can use to fast exit on Ethereum, Arbitrum and Optimism.

Unstaking stETH/wstETH via 1inch Legacy mode

1inch Legacy Mode allows users to find and execute the most efficient and atomic swap transactions through a wide range of liquidity sources from decentralized exchanges.

  1. Visit 1inch Swap and connect your wallet and preferred network. In this case, choose the Ethereum network.

  2. Select stETH with the amount in the 'You sell' field and select ETH in the 'You buy' section.

  3. If you haven't already approved stETH, press 'Give permission to swap stETH'.

  4. Once the approval is complete, press 'Swap' and confirm the details.

  5. If everything looks good, press 'Confirm Swap' to complete the swap.

You have now exited your stETH position and will no longer be earning daily staking rewards.

Unstaking stETH/wstETH via 1inch Fusion mode

Fusion Mode enables users to exchange at a competitive rate without gas fees paid and seamlessly prevents front-running attacks. Fusion mode only supports stETH/wstETH swaps over $1000 in value. If the swap is under $1000, consider using Legacy mode and the steps outlined above.

  1. Visit 1inch swap and connect to your wallet by choosing the network and wallet. In this case, we swap stETH to ETH on the Ethereum network.

  2. Select stETH with the amount in the 'You sell' field and select ETH in the 'You buy' field.

  3. In Swap mode, choose 'Fusion' and one of the options (e.g. Auto, Fair and Fast).

  4. Click either 'Permit and swap' or 'Approve tokens'.

  5. Once the approval or permit is done, confirm the details (e.g the amount of ETH you will receive) on the next screen, and click 'Confirm swap'.

  6. You will see the pending transaction on the upper right corner.

Note: Lido can't guarantee the rate provided by the 3rd parties as the same as the one provided by Lido. Therefore, please check the quotes via the aggregators to ensure you get the best one.

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