How to find the link to claim bETH on Terra?

A guide to finding your transaction ID when using Wormhole on Lido and Terra.

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Rest assured, with a bit of perseverance, we can redeem the tokens, let's find out how. There are two options here, we’ll go over them both.

Look for the transaction on Etherscan

We can find the transaction ID needed to Redeem in Wormhole by looking back into our Ethereum transaction history. You should look for the transactions to Anchor Protocol : Anchor Vault as shown in the images below.

In our case, the last TX (30mins ago) is the TX in question. Clicking on the Txn Hash column brings us to a new page with the following information.

Copy and paste the "Transaction Hash" column.

Make sure the input fields are as follows.

Type = Token

Source Chain = Ethereum

Source TX = Transaction ID from the etherscan link above.

In the "Source TX" field, paste the Transaction hash from the transaction hash column mentioned above .

You should now return to section 2.2 in the main guide and follow on from there, if you did multiple wormhole transactions, you can repeat this section ( using either Dune or Etherscan) for each transaction.

Use Dune Analytics Dashboard

We can use this custom Dune Analytics query to find any wormhole transactions from your Ethereum wallet.

Input your Ethereum wallet address in the ‘address’ box and click ‘Apply’ and ‘Query results”.

This may take some time but when it’s done, you’ll have an easily accessible transaction hash to post.

Please note If the query hangs out, try reloading the page

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