Go back through the Wormhole - Withdraw assets and Transfer back to Ethereum.

If you’re using your bETH to provide collateral or borrowing, you’ll want to repay the loan first.

⚠️ Due to the instability of the Terra Classic network, the Lido DAO has voted to discontinue Lido on Terra. Bots and user interfaces operated by Lido have been deprecated. Withdrawals and claims might still be possible via direct interaction, please exercise caution as errors could lead to loss of funds.

  1. Withdraw the bETH from the collateral pool and confirm the transaction.

2. Head to the bASSET tab in the menu and you should see your bETH balance updated.

3. Hover your cursor over the card and click ‘Convert’. Select the amount to convert, click ‘Convert’ once more, and pay the gas fee.

4. Head back over to Wormhole and select the ‘Tokens tab’ if not already selected.

Source = Terra

Target = Ethereum

You will have to add the webETH contract address manually when selecting the token on Wormhole. Paste the following token contract address into the input box: terra1u5szg038ur9kzuular3cae8hq6q5rk5u27tuvz

5. Select the token (in this case bETH) and the amount you want to send back and click ‘Next’.

6. Confirm the transaction and pay the gas fee.

7. Make sure your Eth wallet is connected.

Once the tokens have been transferred, you can then redeem them on the Ethereum network by clicking ‘Redeem’ and paying the gas fee.

On successful swap, you will see the confirmation below.

8. You can swap the bETH back to stETH using https://anchor.lido.fi/unwrap

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