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wstETH To Cosmos - FAQ
wstETH To Cosmos - FAQ

Frequently asked questions associated with bridging wstETH to Cosmos.

Updated over a week ago

Bridging wstETH to Cosmos is now available. Below you will find answers to the most common questions.

What is wstETH?

wstETH (wrapped stETH) is a non-rebasing version of Lido's stETH where your balance remains constant and network rewards accrue in the form of increased wstETH price (unlike stETH, where your balance increases on a daily basis).

How do I get wstETH?

To get wstETH, you can wrap your stETH or ETH using Lido's 'Wrap' widget.

Are there any bridging fees?

You pay only the fees taken by Axelar for relaying, as well as gas fees associated with wrapping your ETH/stETH.

My bridge transfer is frozen - what do I do?

  1. Check the explorer to find your transaction hash first: head over to Etherscan and search for your address. Browse your transaction history for a tx with the “Send With Permit” method and “To” address 0x8A5fcd88B4aC70A1939955fAeA4E12bd0C7B1237.

  2. Copy the transaction hash and head over to the History page of the Neutron bridge by clicking this link or selecting it from the navigation menu at the bottom of the page.

  3. Select Ethereum as a source chain and paste your transaction hash. Click “Get Status”.

  4. In most cases, you should be able to simply return to the bridging flow and resume the process.

  5. Nevertheless, in some circumstances you may observe the following status:

    1. Transaction not found. This transaction doesn’t exist on the chain. Please check the chain and the correctness of the transaction hash. This could also occur if the process failed before the transaction was broadcasted.

    2. The transaction is found but it’s not related to the wstETH bridging. Please make sure you selected the right transaction hash from Etherscan. If you believe it’s a mistake, please reach out to support in Discord or Telegram.

How do I use my wstETH on Cosmos?

With your wstETH now on Cosmos, you can provide it as liquidity on Astroport, Osmosis, Mars, with more integrations to come in the future.

How long does it take to bridge?

The bridging time fluctuates, but you can expect the process to take approximately 20 minutes before you see your wstETH available on Cosmos.

Are there any rewards for bridging?

There are no direct rewards for bridging, but 1% of the respective Axelar and Neutron token supplies have been allocated as liquidity incentives for providing your wstETH as liquidity across different Cosmos applications.

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