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Guide to Swaps & LPing using Beethoven X
Guide to Swaps & LPing using Beethoven X

A guide to using Beethoven X - the Optimism-based AMM.

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Beethoven X is an Optimism-based AMM and DeFi platform, built as a fork of the Balancer protocol. Beethoven X allows you to invest, swap and stake your tokens at the click of a button, all whilst benefitting from the low fees of Ethereum L2.

For Lido users, you can use Beethoven X to switch between wstETH, WETH, LDO and USD. On top of this, users can earn fees from LP'ing a number of pools including:

  • wstETH-WETH

  • wstETH-LDO

  • wstETH-wUSD-wBTC

Guide to Beethoven X Swaps

Use Swaps on Beethoven X for easy swapping with low slippage and even lower fees.

Before proceeding, you need to bridge your tokens to Optimism. To do so, check out the following guide: Bridging wstETH to Optimism.

  1. Visit and connect your wallet. Make sure you are on the Optimism network for this to work.

  2. Choose the tokens you want to swap between. When ready, press 'Approve token X' and confirm the transaction using your wallet.

  3. Once approved, press Swap and confirm the transaction using your wallet.

Voila - easy as can be.

Guide to Beethoven X Pools

Pools on Beethoven X allows users to deposit liquidity in exchange for trading fees, emissions and more rewards. These pools are - at the time of writing - incentivised by Lido in the form of additional LDO to liquidity providers in the pool. These LDO rewards are currently live for wstETH-WETH, wstETH-LDO and wstETH-wUSD-wBTC.

  1. Go to the 'Invest' tab and use the search bar to find the wstETH pools.

  2. Click the pool and choose 'Invest' on the pool page.

  3. Choose the amount to invest and approve the transaction using your wallet.

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