Staking Ethereum (ETH) on Trust Wallet

Staking your ETH with Lido using Trust Wallet.

Updated over a week ago

Trust Wallet allows for seamless Ethereum staking using Lido. Follow the guide below to get started:

  1. Open the Trust Wallet DApp browser and enter the address, You can also tap on Lido Staking on the list of DApps.

  2. Tap on Stake now to proceed. In case that your wallet is not automatically connected, simply tap on Connect wallet, agree to the Terms of Use and then tap on Trust.

  3. On the Stake Ether screen, you will see here your ETH balance. Input the amount you want to stake and then tap on Stake.

  4. Confirm the transaction by tapping on Send. Wait for the transaction to be processed.

  5. Your ETH is sent to the staking pool and when you go back to your dashboard, you will see the amount you have staked.

  6. While your ETH is staked, an equivalent amount of stETH will be issued by Lido to your Ethereum wallet. This balance updates daily to reflect staking rewards.

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