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Staking With Lido
Staking ETH using Metamask
Staking ETH using Metamask

Users can stake their ETH with Lido using Metamask.

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Staking Ethereum With Lido

Lido staking URL:

1. When ready, visit and press “Connect Wallet”. When shown wallet options, choose MetaMask and, if prompted, input your MetaMask password. With your MetaMask wallet connected, you should be able to view your ETH balance within the Lido widget.

2. Enter the amount of ETH you want to stake. When ready, press “Stake”. Note that you will be able to view your Transaction Fee, stETH Balance and Annual Percentage Rate prior to confirming.

3. Confirm the transaction in your MetaMask wallet.

4. You will now see your updated Wallet Balance and Staked Amount (in stETH). Your MetaMask wallet now contains the amount of ETH you staked - in stETH - visible in your wallet.

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