Swap to ETH using OpenOcean

Instant unstaking by swapping stETH/wstETH to ETH.

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Unstaking stETH or wstETH through native Lido channels can take 1-5 days depending on withdrawal traffic. However, ETH stakers with Lido can unstake their stETH using DEX aggregators to achieve instant withdrawals by swapping their (w)stETH to ETH in just a few minutes.

OpenOcean is one of the Lido UI integrated aggregators that Lido stakers can use to fast exit their stETH/wstETH to ETH.

Unstaking via 'Swap'

  1. Visit app.openocean.finance/classic#/ETH/STETH/ETH and connect your wallet. Choose the Ethereum network.

  2. Select stETH/wstETH and the amount you want to unstake in the "From" section.

  3. Select ETH in the "To" section.

  4. Unlock the amount of stETH if required.

  5. Click "Swap Now" and confirm the transaction.

Done! After the transaction is confirmed, you can see ETH in your wallet. If you would like to stake your ETH with Lido again, you can visit stake.lido.fi.

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