Swap to ETH using ParaSwap

A guide to executing a fast unstaking via ParaSwap

Updated over a week ago

ParaSwap is an aggregator that Lido stakers can use to fast exit on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism and Polygon. For any given trade, ParaSwap checks the rates on all supported liquidity sources to get the best rate.

To learn more, check out the ParaSwap docs.

Unstaking via Swap

  1. Visit the 'Swap' page. Connect your wallet and choose your preferred network. In this case, choose the Ethereum network.

  2. Select stETH/wstETH with the amount in the 'Pay' field and select ETH in the 'Receive' field.

  3. Enable token approval if required.

  4. Once the approval is complete, press 'Review Trade' and confirm the swap details.

  5. Press 'Confirm Trade' and sign the transaction using your wallet.

  6. When the transaction is confirmed, you will see ETH in your wallet.

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