Swap stETH/wstETH to ETH using CoW Swap
A guide to executing fast stETH/wstETH to ETH swaps via CoW Swap
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CoW Swap is one of the integrated aggregators that stakers can use to fast exit their stETH/wstETH to ETH.

Using CoW Swap, Ethereum stakers with Lido can swap their stETH/wstETH to ETH with gas-free orders that are settled instantly in an MEV-protected way. To learn more, check out the CoW Swap FAQ.

Unstaking via 'Swap'

  1. Visit the CoW Swap 'Swap' page and connect your wallet.

  2. Select the token - stETH - as well as the amount you want to sell.

  3. Choose ETH as the receiving token.

  4. Press 'Allow CoW Swap to use your stETH' for token approval if required.

  5. Once the approval is complete, press 'Swap' and confirm the order details.

  6. Once you confirm, press 'Confirm Swap' to submit the order.

And there we go! Just wait for the order to be settled and you'll have swapped your stETH/wstETH back to ETH. Please note that you can request to cancel the order whilst in the pending state if you wish to do so.

Note: Lido can't guarantee the rate provided by the 3rd parties as the same as the one provided by Lido. Therefore, please check the rates via the aggregators to ensure you get the best one.

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