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Guide to L2 Swaps & Liquidity on Kyber Network
Guide to L2 Swaps & Liquidity on Kyber Network

A guide to using Kyber Network on Optimism or Arbitrum

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Kyberswap is both a multi-chain DEX aggregator and a liquidity source with capital-efficient liquidity pools that earns fees for liquidity providers. Kyber users can get the best rates for your token swaps and get more with your tokens.

For Lido users, you can use Kyber network on Optimism or Arbitrum to easily swap wstETH to ETH and USDC, and vice versa . Adding to this, earn fees from LP'ing a number of pools including:

  • wstETH-ETH

  • wstETH-USDC

Swaps on Kyber

  1. To get started, visit the ‘Swap’ page:

  2. Choose the tokens you want to swap between.

  3. Choose the quantity of tokens and choose either 'Maximum Return' or 'Lowest Gas'.

  4. Press 'Swap' after clicking 'Approve X' if required.

  5. Press 'Confirm Swap' and confirm the transaction using your wallet.

Providing Liquidity

Using Kyber Elastic Pools, users can add liquidity to certain pairs to get swap fees. The wstETH/ETH and wstETH/USDC pools are - at the time of writing - incentivised by Lido in the form of additional LDO to liquidity providers in the pool.

Both pools are the Elastic pool for concentrated liquidity that is similar to Uniswap V3 allowing LPs to provide liquidity into a customizable price range.

  1. To get started, visit the pool page:

  2. Use the search bar to find the relevant pairs. Then, click the symbol of 'Add Liquidity'.

  3. Choose the fee tier and the amount of tokens to deposit.

  4. Set the price range.

  5. Press 'Preview' after clicking 'Approve X' if required.

  6. Click 'Supply' and comfirm the transaction.

Farm Additional Rewards

  1. Visit the farm page:

  2. Approve the farming contract if you haven't.

  3. Deposit your liquidity position into the farming contract. Then stake it into the farm.

  4. Harvest your farming rewards whenever you want.

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