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Similar to Lido's stETH, stKSM rebases (balance changes) daily. Similar to Lido's wstETH (wrapped stETH), wstKSM's balance also remains fixed, and functions as a wrapper.

Wrapping stKSM for wstKSM will stop the rebasing mechanism, and will allow users to continue accruing staking rewards.

Note: users can also wrap xcKSM for wstKSM directly.

  1. Head over to

  2. Connect your wallet.

  3. Head over to the "Wrap & Unwrap" tab.

  4. Input the amount of tokens that you would like to wrap.

  5. Select "Unlock tokens".

  6. Confirm the approval transaction in your wallet.

  7. After approval, select "Wrap".

  8. Confirm the wrapping transaction in your wallet.

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