This is a short help guide on how to borrow, deposit and utilize Lido on Larix.

You can deposit stSOL to earn Larix+LDO reward.

Have your stSOL ready and follow the guide below to earn Larix and LDO rewards.

Step 1: Connect Wallet

Click ‘Connect’ on the upper-right corner.

Select the wallet you use, we will use Phantom extension in this example.

Step 2: Deposit

Deposit for yields or to borrow.

  1. Click ‘supply’ on the right side to start the stSol deposit process.

2. Select a portion of your StSol or click ‘Max’ and “slider” below to adjust the supply amount.

Then click ‘supply’.

3. Click ‘Approve’ to finish the process.

Step 3: Borrow StSol

1. To borrow stSol, you need to switch the ’collateral‘ button first.

2. Your wallet will pop up asking to confirm the transaction.

3. You can now borrow.

5. Input the amount or use ‘Max’ to see borrow Maximum, and adjust by slider below (Pledge Factor is 90%).

Step 4: Repay StSol

If you borrowed using your deposited stSol, you can repay by simply clicking on the ‘Repay’ button and selecting the amount you want to pay.

That’s it!

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