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Guide: Grow your stSOL rewards with Katana covered call vaults
Guide: Grow your stSOL rewards with Katana covered call vaults

Maximise return on your staked Solana with Katana

Written by Mariya Muzyko
Updated over a week ago

Katana is a yield generation platform built on Solana deploying covered call strategies to provide users with yield.

Using Katana, you can deposit your stSOL to get extra rewards on your tokens through their covered call vaults.

The vault uses stSOL to get rewards through an automated stSOL covered call strategy. The strategy deposits the stSOL on PsyOptions while minting out-of-the-money stSOL calls. Katana sells the call options, getting the option premium as the initial yield for depositors. Should the price of stSOL be below the strike price at the time of the call expiry, the Katana vault will receive the full value of the sold options whilst repeating the strategy to compound stSOL returns over time.

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Depositing stSOL

Before starting, please note that you will need stSOL. To get stSOL, head to and stake your SOL tokens.

  1. Visit and connect your Solana wallet.

  2. Locate the 'stSOL Covered Call' vault.

  3. Choose the amount of stSOL to deposit and press 'Submit'.

  4. Approve the transaction using your wallet.

Voila - you are now getting rewards on your staked SOL through Katana's covered call strategy.

Rewards are distributed to depositors on a weekly basis.

Withdrawing stSOL

To withdraw your stSOL from Katana, simply go to the 'stSOL Covered Call' vault and find the withdraw box on the right-hand side. Choose the amount of stSOL to withdraw from the vault and press submit/approve the transaction using your Solana wallet. Your stSOL will then make its way back to your wallet.

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