Francium is a decentralized 'Automatic Investment Platform' built on Solana that offers access to leveraged farming, lending and trading strategies.

Using Francium, you can deposit your stSOL to earn additional rewards on your tokens through lending and leveraged yield farming.

Francium also offers leveraged farming strategies that carry additional risk. If you wish to try them out, make sure to read the docs and ensure that you understand the risk being taken.

Getting Started

Before starting, please note that you will need stSOL. To get stSOL, head to and stake your SOL tokens.


  1. To get started, visit and connect your wallet.

  2. Select stSOL from the list of active pools and click on Deposit

  3. Choose the amount of stSOL to deposit.

  4. Once you have chosen the amount to deposit, click Deposit. Confirm the transaction and approve it using your Solana wallet.

Voila - you are now earning additional rewards ion your stSOL using Francium.

Leveraged Yield farming

To add further yield to your stSOL, you can employ a leveraged yield farming strategy on the stSOL-USDC Farm.

Please note that using high leverage carries the risk of liquidation and Impermanent Loss with it. It is recommended that you read the Docs provided by Francium.

To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit and press select stSOL from the list:

  2. Find the stSOL/SOL farm and press Farm:

  3. Choose the amount of leverage, the amount of assets to deposit and borrow then press Farm:

  4. Confirm the transaction using your Solana wallet.

Francium's leveraged yield product is built on top of the Orca stSOL-USDC pool and allows for the deployment of leveraged yield strategies on top of this.

Again, please make sure to read the Francium docs to ensure that you understand the risks being taken before getting started with leveraged yield products.

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