Lido's mission is to make staking simple whilst keeping blockchains decentralized and censorship-resistant.

The goals of the Lido Referral Program on Solana are to boost Lido growth on Solana by integrations with top wallets/protocols, to bring effortless liquid staking benefits to the users, and to contribute to the decentralization of the Solana network through spreading your stake across a diversified pool of quality validators.

The Lido referral program is controlled by Lido DAO. Please read the terms & conditions for all the details.

How does it work?

The whitelisted referral partners get rewards for their referees holding at least 10 stSOL in any supported way (including LP tokens) for at least 50 days. The maximum reward is 1% payback from the staked amount which would be allocated for the 50 days of holding the full amount. The reward is dynamically calculated from a sliding window median of held stSOL during the period. Rewards are allocated to referrals accounts monthly.

A whitelisted referral has an associated Solana wallet address.

  1. All the staking that is done with whitelisted referral's address as a parameter via Lido staking widget or Lido staking protocol will be counted as a referee staking.

  2. Whitelisted referral's address will be used to allocate the referral rewards.

How can I join?

Only whitelisted partners can participate in the Referral Program and earn rewards (ideal candidates are wallets/protocols with reputation, volume and an active user base).

If you’d like to join or propose a candidate please apply for whitelisting by posting a message on the Lido DAO governance forum on this thread providing a platform name, short description, Solana address for whitelisting or by filling out the following application form.

Once whitelisted, the process is simple:

  1. Receive your whitelisted referral address.

  2. Receive your unique referral link pointing to the Lido staking widget. The link will have the following format: "" (Example:

  3. Share your referral link anywhere (website, newsletters, social networks, etc.) or integrate staking with Lido into your application via a protocol-level integration (see details below).

Protocol-level integration

This type of integration allows bringing an effortless ‘one-click’ liquid staking experience to wallet/protocol users by integrating it into the app/website interface.

Wallet/Protocol frontend needs to make one transaction that will include:

  • call deposit on the Solido program (staking itself);

  • call Memo v2 program using UTF-8 encoded JSON object {”referrer”:”your_solana_referral_address”} as a memo.

Then the address that made a stake will be counted as a referee for the referral in a memo.

Here is an example of such a transaction with a referral.

Referral address is saved in memo:

This transaction was done by staking with the Lido widget with the ‘referrer’ parameter in the URL:

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