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Guide: Get rewards on your stSOL using Saber
Guide: Get rewards on your stSOL using Saber
Use Saber's farming mechanism to get more rewards, SBR and LDO using your staked SOL
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Saber is a cross-chain liquidity network built on Solana with access to swaps, pools, farming and more. Using Saber, you can deposit your stSOL/SOL to get additional rewards on your tokens while mitigating the risks of IL.

  • stSOL / SOL - 17,537.27 SBR/day (pool split) + (incentivised with 60,000 LDO per month)*

*Please note the token rewards listed above fluctuate and are subject to change.

Depositing stSOL to Saber

  1. To get started, visit and connect your wallet.

  2. Using the ‘Filter by Symbol’ section, find the stSOL pool and select Deposit.

  3. Choose the amount of stSOL and/or SOL to deposit. Note that you can deposit the two tokens in whichever ratio you prefer (i.e. you can deposit 100% stSOL).

  4. Once you have chosen the amount to deposit, click Deposit. Confirm the transaction and approve it using your Solana wallet.

Voila - you are now getting additional rewards in the form of trading fees on your stSOL using Saber. However, if you want to get liquidity mining rewards, you will need to stake your LP tokens.

Stake LP tokens in Saber Farms

To add further yield to your stSOL/SOL, you can stake your stSOL - SOL LP tokens in a Saber Farm. By doing this, you get SBR and LDO rewards through their incentivised pools.

To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit and press SOL.

  2. Find the stSOL/SOL farm and press Stake.

  3. Choose the amount of LP tokens to stake and press Deposit.

  4. Confirm the transaction using your Solana wallet.

To unstake, switch to the Unstake tab and choose the amount of stSOL - SOL LP tokens to unstake. Press Withdraw and confirm the transaction using your Solana wallet.

Withdrawing Liquidity from Saber

To remove liquidity from Saber, visit the stSOL stake pool and switch to the Withdraw tab. Choose the amount to withdraw using the slider and confirm the amount. Press Withdraw and confirm the transaction to see your tokens back in your Solana wallet.

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