Mercurial Finance is a liquidity platform for stable assets on Solana. Using Mercurial, you can mitigate IL by pooling stSOL with SOL, whilst earning additional rewards on your stSOL.

  • stSOL / SOL - 2.49% APR* (MER rewards) + 4.18% APR* (incentivised with 40,000 LDO per month)

*Please note the APRs listed above fluctuate and are subject to change.

Depositing stSOL to Mercurial

  1. To get started, visit and connect your Solana wallet.

  2. Choose the amount of stSOL and/or SOL to deposit. Note that you can deposit the two tokens in whichever ratio you prefer (i.e. you can deposit 100% stSOL).

  3. Press Deposit once you have chosen the amount, and confirm the deposit.

  4. Approve the transaction using your Solana wallet and voila - you are now earning additional rewards on top of your stSOL staking rewards.

Removing liquidity from Mercurial

To remove liquidity from Mercurial, visit the stSOL stake pool and switch to the Withdraw tab.

Choose the amount to withdraw using the slider, and choose between Balanced and Single-Token.

  1. Balanced: You will receive a split ratio of stSOL and SOL in your wallet.

  2. Single-Token: You will receive your tokens in either 100% stSOL or SOL.

Press Withdraw, confirm the withdrawal and approve the transaction using your Solana wallet.

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