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Guide: Get rewards on your stSOL using Orca
Guide: Get rewards on your stSOL using Orca
Use Orca to get additional rewards on your stSOL
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Orca is a Solana-based DEX with integrated staking pools. Using Orca, you can deploy your stSOL in any of the pools below to multiply your regular SOL staking rewards.

  • stSOL / wstETH - 15.9% APR* (incentivised with 10,000 LDO per month)

  • stSOL / wLDO - 4.05% APR*

  • stSOL / USDC - 43.1% APR* (incentivised with 60,000 LDO per month)

*Please note the APRs listed above fluctuate and are subject to change.

Before you get started, keep in mind that you will need stSOL - staked Solana - for this guide. To convert your SOL to stSOL, visit

Depositing stSOL to Orca

  1. To get started, visit and connect your wallet in the top right corner. Orca supports a number of wallets including Phantom, Solflare, Sollet, Coin98 and MathWallet.

  2. Once connected, use the “Filter by Symbol” function to search for stSOL pools and choose your pool of preference. Current pools include stSOL/wstETH, stSOL/wLDO and stSOL/USDC. If you only have one of the tokens, Orca lets you auto-swap tokens to enter the pool.

  3. Once you have chosen a pool, click Deposit.

  4. Choose the amount of tokens to deposit. If you only have stSOL to deposit, tick the “Auto-swap uneven amounts” to let Orca swap a portion of your tokens to fit the pool ratio.

  5. Once ready, agree to the terms and click Deposit again.

  6. A wallet pop-up will appear asking you to confirm; approve the transaction and your tokens will start getting rewards!


To get LDO rewards on your liquidity, you will need to stake your Orca LP tokens in the Orca farm.

  1. Find the stSOL pool that you are providing liquidity for.

  2. Select "Double-dip" and stake your LP tokens by confirming the transaction in your Solana wallet.

  3. Ta-da! You are now getting wLDO (wrapped LDO) on your provided liquidity.

Harvesting Orca Rewards

Depositing your stSOL on Orca will allow you to get a range of rewards including LDO and ORCA. These accrue continuously and can be harvested manually as you please.

To harvest your token rewards, simply go to your active stSOL pool and press the Harvest button in the upper right corner. Approve the transaction in your wallet to receive the rewards.

Withdrawing stSOL from Orca

When using Orca to get rewards on your stSOL, you can withdraw at any time to get the tokens back in your Solana wallet.

To do so, visit your active stSOL pool and press the Withdraw button in the upper right corner. Choose the amount of liquidity to withdraw using the slider and press withdraw. After confirming the transaction using your wallet, your tokens will make their way back to your wallet.

Please note that you can only withdraw in the pool ratio and will be split between the two pool tokens.

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