Lido's mission is to make staking simple and secure whilst keeping Ethereum decentralized and censorship-resistant.

Lido Referral Program is a big part of this, as it helps to involve new stakers, grow TVL and increase decentralization.

The Lido referral program is controlled by Lido DAO. Please read the terms & conditions for all the details.

How does it work?

A referrer receives LDO rewards for every stake that is made using his/her referral link (address in the URL parameter).

The current rewards are 1% payback based on 2 weeks' time-weighted average price (TWAP) of ETH and LDO in USD prices. Payout happens every two weeks following this schedule. Rewards are allocated to DeversiFi and can be claimed there right after (following the guide). The minimum reward amount is 5 LDO and the maximum reward amount is 20 LDO per 1 ETH staked.

How do I join?

First of all, you need your own referral link. Just go to the Lido referral widget, connect your wallet, copy your referral link and share it with your community. It's that simple. It will look like this: with your connected wallet address.

There are few main ways to join the referral program for wallets, protocols, and other services. If you would like to integrate on a protocol level by calling Lido staking smart contract with referral parameter directly - please check the protocol level integration guide section below.

If you would like to integrate on a website level - please pick one of the options in the section below and follow the guide there.

Website level integration

  1. Get & post your referral link anywhere (website, mail, social networks, etc.).

  2. Post Lido staking banner on your website (just put your referral link as a destination there). Here is the Lido banner demo, this code (whole <a> link tag content) can be copy-pasted to your website with replacing the referral link (<href>) with yours. Contact and collaborate with the Lido team to get a custom branded staking banner or make your own version of it (again, just need to have your referral link as a destination).

  3. Integrate embedded Lido staking widget onto your website or mobile app. Here is the embedded Lido staking widget demo. You just need to copy-paste <iframe> to your website with replacing the referral link (src) with yours.

Here is the repository with a detailed guide for banner and widget integrations with examples and ready to use graphics and code.

Protocol level integration

To integrate on the protocol level you just need to make staking via Lido smart contract with the referral address parameter.

To add referral address to the user's transaction, pass it to the submit method ( ) of the Lido contract (

Note that currently rewards are distributed through DeversiFi.

To claim rewards here, your referral address should be an EOA, and not the smart contract.

Moving forwards

The more the merrier and we look forward to collaborations/integrations of all kinds.

If you are interested in integrating the Lido referral program to earn income on your site, app or service, but are unsure how to start, don't hesitate to contact us: [email protected].

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