After you have referred people to stake with your unique referral link (minimum of 1 ETH), you will be entitled to your LDO rewards. You will receive 15 LDO for every 1 ETH staked using your referral link. Rewards will be transferred to your dedicated DeversiFi account. Because of this, users will not have to pay high gas fees when manually claiming their rewards. Please note that Trezor wallets are not currently compatible.

Generate your referral link

  1. Head over to the referral page.

  2. Connect your wallet to generate your unique referral link.

  3. Share your link with friends and family.

Claiming your referral rewards:

  1. Head over to the claim page.

  2. Connect your wallet.

  3. Sign the message in your Metamask.

  4. Select "Create account".

  5. Sign the one-time message in your Metamask.

  6. Claim your rewards.

Ta-da! You have now claimed your referral rewards! Your rewards will be visible on DeversiFi within the Portfolio/Balances section, from where you can withdraw them to your ETH wallet should you wish to do so.

Make sure to share your referral link to your friends and family to help get them staking and to add to your rewards!

PSA: Trezor Wallet Users

If you would like to claim your rewards by connecting to DeversiFi using Trezor, please message the DeversiFi customer support team using the chat box in the bottom right-hand corner of and they will assist.


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