Guide: Using Yearn Finance

Use vault on Yearn to auto-compound and grow your staking rewards.

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Yearn is a DeFi automated yield aggregator platform that auto compounds users' rewards for them based on opportunities present in the market. Yearn Vaults execute a number of passive-investing strategies which socialise gas costs and automate the yield generation for users.

Yearn has developed several vaults for Lido users on Ethereum. When you filter by stETH, you can see a list of stETH-related vaults. As seen, the vault called Curve stETHv2 is the most used with the largest TVL.

Depositing to Curve stETHv2 vault

The vault strategy is developed based on Curve stETH-ng pool. It gets the stETH-ng-f LP tokens by providing liquidity to the pool and stakes them into gauge to earn CRV and other available tokens. The earnings are harvested and exchanged for more stETH-ng-f tokens which are used to earn more rewards.

  1. Head over to the Vault.

  2. Select the token to deposit. The vault base asset is stETH-ng-f but you can deposit wstETH, ETH or stETH which would be swapped to stETH-ng-f.

  3. Select the amount to deposit. After entering the amount, you can see the amount of yvCurve-stETHv2-f to receive.

  4. Approve and Submit. After the transaction is confirmed, you start earning with the vault. Then, you can see your position info on the vault page, such as balance and earnings.

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