Sushi is a DeFi platform letting you swap, earn yields, lend, borrow and leverage tokens all on one platform.

To stake your Ethereum with Lido using SushiSwap, follow the steps below:

  1. Under the Swap To section, press Select A Token.

  2. Paste the following address - 0xae7ab96520de3a18e5e111b5eaab095312d7fe84 - and press Import.

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Providing liquidity with Sushi

Users can provide pool liquidity on Uniswap to improve market efficiency and earn additional token rewards. Liquidity providers get a split of trading fees corresponding to their pool share.

  1. Head over to the LDO-ETH pool.

  2. Select the “+ Liquidity” button.

  3. Select the LDO and ETH/WETH token amounts you would like to add to the liquidity pool. Note you must provide 50/50 LDO and ETH.

  4. Confirm your choice by pressing Supply.

  5. A notification box will appear confirming the amount of LDO/ETH Pool Tokens you will receive. Press Confirm Supply when ready.

  6. Confirm using your Ethereum wallet.

  7. Once confirmed you will be supplying liquidity to the LDO/ETH pool, and you will see a corresponding LDO/ETH Pool Token balance in your wallet.


To remove liquidity, visit Liquidity on Sushi and choose ‘- Liquidity’ in the right-hand form. Choose the amount you wish to remove and press Remove when ready.

Please note that your tokens must be unstaked before you are able to remove them from the LDO/ETH liquidity pool.

Staking Your SLP Tokens

Liquidity Providers can multiply their earnings and earn additional SUSHI token rewards - up to 16% APY at the time of writing - by staking their LDO/ETH Pool Tokens which they received for adding pool liquidity.

  1. To get started, visit and find the LDO pool.

  2. On the right-hand side, press Approve Staking. Confirm the choice with your Ethereum wallet.

  3. Following a successful transaction, you will be able to stake your LDO-ETH SLP Tokens.

  4. On the right-hand side again, press Stake.

  5. A pop-up box will now appear - enter the LDO-ETH SLP amount you want to stake and press Confirm. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  6. Upon confirmation of the transaction, you will now be staking your LDO-ETH SLP Tokens entitling you to a token fee share as well as $SUSHI tokens.

  7. Visit to view/confirm your staked balance.

  8. To unstake, press Unstake and enter the amount of LDO-ETH SLP tokens to unstake. Confirm the transaction when ready.


Tracking your Sushi rewards

To track your rewards, visit On this page you will be able to view the following:

  1. Your Total wallet balance

  2. Sushi Balance

  3. Liquidity Positions

  4. Farm Value

These components are described in more detail below.

  1. Your Total Wallet Balance is the combined value of your Sushi Balance, Liquidity Position and Farm Value, including both your staked and unstaked tokens within SushiSwap.

  2. Your Sushi Balance represents your total balance of SUSHI tokens, including those that are Harvestable, Locked (⅔), Unstaked and Staked.

  3. Your Liquidity Positions displays the share of tokens which you are adding to the LDO-ETH/WETH Liquidity Pool, including your original balance as well as any earned fees. Your earned fees are a product of the pool trading volume, together with your share of the pool. Please note that if you are staking your LDO-ETH SLP Tokens (to earn additional SUSHI rewards), they will not be displayed in this section.

  4. Your Farm Value displays the value of your staked LDO-ETH SLP Tokens, including your Rewards (SUSHI rewards from staking) and P/L (fees earned from providing pool liquidity).

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