A Guide To Zapper Wallet
Staking your Ethereum with Lido using Zapper.
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Introduction to Zapper Wallet

Zapper Finance allows you simply stake your Ethereum using Lido. Follow the guide below to get started:

  1. Visit Zapper.fi and click Connect Wallet.

  2. Select the wallet you wish to connect to your Zapper dashboard.

  3. Once your wallet is connected, navigate to Zapper.fi/exchange.

  4. Here, choose the token pairs you will be trading. To stake your Ethereum using Lido, change the tokens to the following: From: ETH and To: stETH.

  5. Choose the amount of ETH to stake from your available wallet balance.

  6. When ready, press Exchange and confirm the transaction using your wallet.

  7. Once confirmed, wait for the transaction to be completed. When completed, you should see the stETH balance in your Ethereum wallet.


Pool stETH With Curve Using Zapper Finance

Zapper Finance allows you to seamlessly provide stETH liquidity and earn additional returns on your staked Ethereum using Curve Finance. To get started:

  1. Visit zapper.fi to get started.

  2. Press Connect Wallet and select your preferred wallet.

  3. Navigate to the Pool tab - zapper.fi/dashboard

  4. In the Explore Opportunities section, search for stETH Curve. When found, click Add Liquidity.

  5. Enter the amount of ETH you wish to add as liquidity. When using the Curve pool, your ETH will automatically be split between ETH and stETH.

  6. Press Confirm to add liquidity. Confirm the transaction using your Ethereum wallet. Your balance of stETH Pool Tokens will have updated 1:1 with your deposited ETH.

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