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A Guide To 1inch 'Quadro Farming'
A Guide To 1inch 'Quadro Farming'
A walkthrough to providing token liquidity using the 1inch 'Quadro Farming' pools
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Introduction to 1inch 'Quadro Farming'

Upon adding token liquidity to 1inch you will be able to contribute to the 1inch Liquidity Farms.

By adding liquidity so you will earn 1LP-stETH-LDO tokens representing your stake in the LDO-stETH liquidity pool. After doing this, you can use your 1inch LP tokens to stake across 1inch Farms for additional liquidity rewards.

To stake 1inch LP tokens, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Find to the stETH-LDO farm.

  2. Once found, press Deposit.

  3. A window will show up with your 1LP-stETH-LDO balance, together with an overview of your staked tokens and daily/monthly/yearly earnings.

  4. Choose the quantity of 1LP-stETH-LDO you want to stake and click Unlock Token.

  5. Confirm the transaction in your Ethereum wallet.

  6. Once unlocked, you can deposit your 1inch LP tokens. Do so by clicking Deposit and confirming the transaction using your Ethereum wallet.

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